Two Goodbyes & a Storm

Since I was talking about Mercy yesterday, I didn’t say anything about the day, but it was noticeable for two reasons. First, our friends Rich and Laurie left, but not before I snapped their picture:

6-30-17 Rich & Laurie

I know at least some of you know them and would enjoy seeing them!

Also, yesterday was my last Paragraph class of this summer. I got a group photo of my kids before they scattered to the winds:

6-30-17 Paragraph Class

Now I just have my weekly Story Quest class for the next five weeks.

Today started with a trip to Walmart to get some things we needed for the weekend. I was a little sluggish since I had to stay up till after 1:00 in the morning to pick Lucy up from work.

This afternoon, I decided to drive up to Michael’s to use a coupon that expired today, and as I was on the way a very intense storm system blew through. I worried about being able to stay on the road, but I made it there and by the time I drove home, it had stopped raining, but the power was out in some places.

This evening I received belated birthday calls from my two Colorado kids—Mercy and Flynn. It’s always so good to hear their voices!

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