Standing in the Need of Prayer

Lately, I fear I have been focusing here too much on my own life and not on other things that are very important to me. So today I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you about my daughter Mercy and her plans.


A year ago, Mercy heard about an opportunity to teach at a mission -run international school in St. Petersburg, Russia. It seemed like the perfect fit for her. She has such a heart for working with international students and she’d be teaching Bible, which is what her degree is in. They also want her to work with the guidance counselor. If you are interested in her mission, here is a link to Resourcing Christian Education International: RCEI

There were some snags along the way, especially involving her passport and visa woes, but finally all the paperwork is in order for her to fly to Russia at the very beginning of August. What has us all concerned is that she does not yet have quite half of her needed monthly support, or enough money to cover her plane ticket.

I know that many of you pray faithfully for the needs I mention here, and I am asking you to pray fervently with us for this next month. The fundraiser I recently held selling my chai mix did better than any previous effort I’ve tried, but there is still a long way to go before she can book her plane ticket. I have seen God provide in amazing ways in the past, and I know that if He wants her in Russia by August, the funds will come in, even though it’s hard to understand how it can be possible. Mercy has a wide circle of caring friends, but most of them are also just starting off in life and have little or nothing to spare.

I will try to keep you updated here, but if you want to hear directly from Mercy, you can email her at and ask to be put on her mailing list. She also has a Facebook page called Mercy’s Missionary Journey If you plan to pray for her regularly, please email her and let her know! One of the most touching moments of my youth was when a lady I had never met came up to me the summer I was 18. She told me that she had been concerned about me as the only girl in my family, and she had been praying for me daily for the last several years! I felt so grateful and humbled.

A couple of people have asked about supporting her financially. She is currently trying to raise funds for her plane ticket here: Mercy’s ticket to Russia fundraiser

And anyone interested in supporting her regularly can go here: RCEI Support a Missionary

Those of you who ordered chai mix, I hope you remember Mercy and stop to pray for her every time you make yourself a cup of chai! Your chai order is helping her along the way, and prayer really does change things.

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