Welcome Guests

It has been a busy couple of days. I still have my class, of course, and then yesterday afternoon our friends Rich and Laurie arrived for a visit. Rich and Laurie are some of our “old” friends that we rarely see. They are missionaries in Zambia and are currently on what used to be called “furlough” as they visit friends in the US and Canada.

I have only known Laurie for thirty years or so, but I have known Rich since he was a preschooler, since he, like me, grew up in Zambia. So it is always nice to have a chance to catch up with them, in this case after five years.

Today they got a personal tour of the campus courtesy of my husband while I was busy teaching my class. After my class ended but before they got back, I managed to make another batch of chai mix (the seventh), which I think will be the last in this particular round of fund raising. The response from people willing to help Mercy on her way to Russia has been very heartwarming!

This afternoon we enjoyed a brief visit from Jennifer, one of Lina’s good friends from college days. She came to Texas for her brother’s wedding and has been trying to get around to see all her friends here.

6-29-17 Jennifer

It was good to visit with her for an hour or so before she had to move on.

This evening we got to see Rich and Laurie’s photos of the youth center they oversee in Zambia. Tomorrow they move on to their next stop and I teach my last paragraph class of the summer!



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