Busy Week

I see I failed to post again last night. This is my last super-busy week of the summer. I think. Since the last time I posted I got to go out to dinner for my birthday and I received beautiful flowers from my children. I also was given funds to buy new azaleas bushes for our front yard, which have already been planted. On Sunday we had the official birthday dinner but of course no cake. Everyone else had strawberry shortcake and I had, well, strawberries with some cream.

Yesterday was my two-class day, and since I goofed off so much on my birthday I ended staying up till 1:00 a.m. Sunday night finishing my grading. Today’s class went pretty well and we have only three days left. After that it will be just one class a week for the next five weeks.

Tomorrow, we have house guests arriving. No time to get bored, that’s for sure!

My critique group met this evening and once again I received some good suggestions for improving my manuscript. Those ladies have been such a help to me!



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