A Long Day & A Dinner Guest

Today is the summer solstice. This is a happy occasion for me, because it means that the days will start getting shorter again, and three four months from now we might have enjoyable weather again.

I got up feeling so much better than yesterday. What a relief! I was able to prepare for my class and teach without worrying that I might pass out.

This afternoon I had some errands to run and some baking to do, because our friend Lee was coming for supper. I made a batch of my famous molasses spice cookies (his favorite) and a spice cake. I tried a new chicken recipe for supper and tweaked it a little to make it better. It was a hit!

We always look forward to Lee’s annual visit. He comes down from Illinois every summer to teach science camps here. As the years go by, there are fewer and fewer of us to enjoy his visits, though. When the kids were young he would always bring a science activity for them to do and it was so much fun. Tonight it was just Spencer and Jasper here.

I haven’t heard from Lucy so I have to assume she is enjoying her week at camp. Three more days until I have to make the trip to pick her up.


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