Dallas & Dizziness

Yesterday was a long day. We went to church as usual, but as soon as we returned home it was time to load the car and get ready to leave. We left later than I had planned on, but I had allowed for that.

Lucy and Mercy went with me, and our first stop was the college in Waxahachie where Lucy’s arts camp is held every year. After five years of going as a camper, Lucy is now on staff for this camp–but she still has to pay her own way.

After we dropped Lucy off, we headed up to Love Field, where I had a few last minutes with Mercy before she had to get in line for security. It was hard to let her go, knowing we won’t see her again until next summer. She will be in Colorado until she leaves for Russia at the beginning of August.

Once I got a grip on my emotions, I drove to the north side of Dallas to visit my friend Susan. Susan and I have been friends since our college days. She is in the process of selling her house, so she took me to see her new place, which is still under construction. I can’t wait to see what it looks like once she moves in!

After having supper with Susan, I headed home. By the time I made it, I felt both dizzy and queasy, and the feelings did not go away overnight. Most of the day today, I had to stay off my feet as I felt so much dizzier standing up. It was quite a challenge to get through teaching two classes, but I survived. Shortly after my second class ended, the dizziness began to ebb. I sure hope it stays away as I am teaching every day this week and next!


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