Early Celebration

Today we had to celebrate Father’s Day a day early, because Mercy is here and because tomorrow I will be taking both Lucy and Mercy to other destinations, and only Jasper and Spencer will be here to celebrate with their dad.

I had a very busy day in and out of the kitchen. I harvested a bunch of basil and washed and froze it. I cooked two whole chickens in my Instant Pot, and of course since I did that, I had to make bone broth after I had picked the meat from the chickens.

I also made the custard for ice cream and roasted some walnuts. I also had to take Lucy to work and go pick up prescriptions and buy ice for making homemade ice cream. I was so glad Mercy arrived in time to help me put the enchiladas together.

I have avoided making homemade ice cream for a long time, because of course I can’t ever have any for the rest of my life, but I wanted to make something my husband would really enjoy, and he has always loved my homemade cinnamon walnut ice cream. It certainly seemed to be appreciated!

After supper we watched a movie with Mercy. This is her last evening at home for probably at least a year. Tomorrow she flies back to Colorado, and at the beginning of August she flies to Russia. Even though she hasn’t really lived at home for a couple of years, she’s been nearby for most of it but now she lives in Colorado and soon she will be across the ocean.

I finished the evening working on hymns for tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day, with lots of driving in it.

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