Flag/Lake Day

Yes, we did fly our flag today. Didn’t you?

Today was my last free day for the month of June. Every weekday from now till the end of the month I will be teaching, and the weekends are also booked. So I thought it would be a good day to spend a few hours at the lake.

I admit I did have a few misgivings. Normally when we go to the lake, we take a grill and make some special food. Today, I knew we would not do this, since I am still fasting and my willpower does have limits! So Jasper made a sandwich to take and I got him a fast food breakfast on our way out of town.

Since the water is now plenty warm to swim in, we dressed in our swim things. This was a bit of a challenge for me. Normally if I swim at the lake, I wear shorts or capris and an old T-shirt.  I found a couple of pairs of my old swim shorts, only to discover that the elastic had died and they were therefore unwearable. How dare they fail me after only fifteen years or so! Fortunately I did finally find a pair of shorts that would work.

Jasper brought his inflatable tube and a pump to blow it up, so that’s the first thing he did when we arrived. Then we went on out into the water. By this time it was about 11:00, so I knew I was in danger (sun exposure issues). Still, it’s no fun to swim alone so I wore my hat and we took turns on the tube. We weren’t really out there very long but I knew I’d be burned anyway–and I am. It still remains to be seen if I’ll also be sick tomorrow.

Jasper had his lunch and then we went for a walk to get a closer look at the beautiful cypress trees that live on the edge of the lake.

6-14-17 cypress trees

I have been going to this same lakeside park for 38 years now. There have been many changes in the landscape during that time, but this line of trees has endured for decades now. If anything ever happens to them I’ll be devastated.

Jasper went for another brief swim before we packed up and headed home. It was not a long visit, but it was so relaxing. On the way home we stopped at a sporting goods store in an effort to find Jasper some sandals. Like his big brother Flynn, he wears size 15 now and Walmart didn’t have anything to fit him. Unfortunately, neither did the sporting goods store. I have ordered him some sandals from Amazon so let’s hope they are a good fit!

Parting Shot:

6-14-17 wildflowers

There were many wildflowers at the lake today.


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