Backyard Tragedy

Today has been kind of a rough day. Right before I left on my trip, Jasper discovered that his bees were being robbed (by rival bees) so he restricted the entrance to give them a fighting chance. This morning, though, he found the hive empty. Our bees are gone. Again.

Honestly, I think it hit me harder than it hit him. I was in tears for much of the morning. He has invested so much time, effort, and money into beekeeping over the last three years. He has lost two hives and we have yet to see even a single drop of honey after all his hard work. He has tried so hard to take good care of his bees. He built this hive up during the fall and winter by regular feeding and the hive was thriving into the spring. We don’t know what happened. It wasn’t hive beetles this time. It is so discouraging.

While still in mourning for the bees, I had to run some errands to get the rest of the ingredients I needed for making chai mix, and when I returned home Mercy was here! She is helping out with a camp on campus this week, so we won’t really see her at all until next weekend, and then she’ll leave.

I spent much of the day making chai mix. I have been taking orders for a couple of weeks and whatever profit we make will go toward Mercy’s outgoing expenses. I had a fantastic response but that means it will take a while to make and bag it all. Then quite a bit of it will need to be shipped. The house sure smells good, though.

I also spent some time practicing my autoharp for tomorrow. I have missed playing it but playing was hard today as my fingers have hurt a lot with arthritis. I also got some writing and editing chores done. So much catching up left to do!

One thought on “Backyard Tragedy

  1. Dear Linda, Sorry to hear that Jasper’s bees swarmed! If he had them shut inside their hive, how did they swarm? You are faithfully helping Mercy’s trip to St. Petersburg. Thank you for helping her in this way. It is certainly a lot of work. you did the same for Lucy also.

    Alice and I start for Indiana and Michigan June 16th. On June 15 Aunt Inge and Uncle Werner celebrate their 60th Wedding anniversary. On th21st joy and Bill celebrate their 59th Wedding Anniversary.

    Alice brought me flowers home on the 9th for Dad and my 60th anniversary. Truthfully, I didn’t remember it at all. Life continues without his presence now. Truthfully now I don’t have the strength to care for Dad if he were living. My arthritis in my hips, legs, and back make walking difficult without my walker. Sorry to hear that you are starting arthritis in your hands and fingers. Two much knitting?

    Love, Mom


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