A New Appliance

Last night, after working two jobs, my admirable husband spent the evening doing a frustrating task. He was attempting to install our new dishwasher. We have not had a functional electric dishwasher for quite a few years now. Our human dishwashers have been functional only intermittently, so this is a big blessing for us.

It took some doing, and some frayed nerves, but we now have a dishwasher again. I am so thankful.

This morning I got my grocery shopping out of the way before going to meet my friend Darlene for lunch. Then I had to hurry home to prepare for a “catch-up” lesson with two students who missed the first two classes.

I decided to treat Walter and Jasper to pizza for supper, so I went to the drive-through to get it. They didn’t have one ready for me, so they asked me to pull around into the parking lot to wait. As I sat there waiting, I had a ringside seat to an interesting little drama.

A police car pulled in to the drive-through, but it turned out he didn’t want pizza. He was blocking someone’s escape. Another police car drove up and parked on the ramp. The policemen got out and had an intense discussion with a young man who was hanging around in front of the pizza place. Just as a third and fourth police car drove up, the man was cuffed and led to one of the cars. Now there was a whole congregation of policemen talking to a couple of other people in front of the pizza place. I have to admit I was curious.

Then my pizza arrived and I had to carefully maneuver around all the police cars to get back out onto the road! That’s life in my neighborhood . . .

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