Round Up

Last night’s entry, which I wasn’t able to post due to crappy hotel internet:

Jasper and I are in College Station, Texas, attending our first 4-H State Round Up. This was made necessary by the fact that Jasper and his friends performed two skits at the District Round Up which placed highly enough to advance to the state level. I am trying very hard not to think of all the amazing autoharp players who are gathering in Arkansas for the Autoharp Workshop at this very same time.

So anyway, we drove down here yesterday afternoon and arrived barely in time for Jasper to register before they closed registration down for the day. We checked into our hotel and hung out a little bit with the other mom and her daughter who go to our church.

This morning, we were up early eating scrambled eggs and very greasy sausages before heading to the A&M campus for the day. We had to be there at 8:30 even though Jasper’s group did not end up performing until close to 11:30. The seats in the theater had armrests placed in the perfect position to make knitting awkward and tiring, so I couldn’t even resort to that!

Our whole group had lunch together after the competition, and had a brief respite before returning to the campus for the awards ceremony. Sadly, our team did not place.

Afterward, my friend Joan offered to bring me back to the hotel since I was not needed for the meetings being held later in the afternoon. I know it was cowardly of me, but I jumped at the opportunity. I was in dire need of some down time.

What a difference a couple of hours made in my morale! I had a nap, did some knitting, wrote some necessary emails, and did some reading. It was glorious.

Joan, meanwhile, looked after Jasper and took him to supper with the rest of the group.

Tomorrow, we do it all again with the other skit, except that I have to be all packed up and checked out of the hotel before we leave for A&M. And when it’s over, I still have to drive all the way home.

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