A Girls’ Lunch & Cookies

How can it be June already? Today was my last day with my parents, so I slept in because I think it’s quite possible that I won’t get much sleep this weekend. After a leisurely cup of tea, my dad took me with him to visit my aunt (his little sister) who is recovering from a stroke. I had not seen her in thirteen years.

My aunt was happy to see me, and I was happy to see that despite her challenges, she remains very cheerful and positive. I wasn’t able to visit with her for long, but I am so glad I got to see her.

As soon as my dad and I returned home, I collected my mother and took her out for a birthday lunch at an Italian restaurant she suggested. We both had a nice salad and then stopped at Walmart for a couple of items on the way home. And just as we arrived, my husband texted me that their power was back on at home! So glad to know they have power again.

My primary mission for the afternoon was to get started on my baking and to make yet another of my mom’s favorite meals. I made a double batch of cookies and then put my famous chicken enchiladas in the oven and mixed up another double batch of cookies while the enchiladas were baking.

My dad was out running errands for most of the day, so it was just my mom and me for supper, and of course I cannot even eat enchiladas! I did save out some of the filling for myself though.

After the second double batch of cookies was done, I still had gluten-free and no-bake cookies to make. More than once, I asked myself why I am making all this stuff I can’t even taste! (Answer: I am hoping it will add to others’ enjoyment of our upcoming reunion.)

Tomorrow, I have the drive up into Kentucky and the anxiety-inducing reunion with people I haven’t seen for forty years.

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