Storms, Driving, a Faire and a Birthday

Well, I have a lot of catching up to do, and since this is my family record, you’re just going to have to either put up with it or skip over it!

Sunday morning I took Lucy to work and then went home to finish loading the car. I finally pulled out of the driveway at about 9:00 a.m. It was a beautiful and uneventful drive to Memphis. Since driving days are now also pancreas vacation days, I don’t have to stop and eat and can just drive until I need gas or a rest stop.

I had arranged to meet up with my cousin Mark and his wife in Memphis, but when I texted Teresa to let her know I was getting close, she told me their power was out and they were on their way to her mother’s house to help with a tree blocking the driveway. They had a huge storm on Saturday night.

That was inadequate warning for what I found when I pulled off the highway and began trying to get to Teresa’s mom’s house. Trees were down on almost every street. Traffic lights weren’t working. When I finally zigzagged my way through the few clear streets and found the house, this is what was across the street:

5-28-17 car

And I couldn’t have driven much farther down the street because another tree was blocking it farther down:

5-28-17 street

Yikes! So we sat in the warm house and visited for a while. Most of the city was without power. When I left to continue on my way to Nashville, I had quite a challenge making it through all the intersections with no traffic lights.  I texted my husband to tell him how bad it was, and he responded by telling me that they had just been hit by a similar storm and their power was out too!

So I tried to enjoy the stunningly beautiful drive to Nashville, where I received a warm welcome from Jordan. Mary was working and didn’t get home till quite late that night, which was okay since my brain pretty much shut off once I was safely in their apartment.

Monday morning I was up and out of the house before Mary and Jordan were up, on my way to meet my aunt and uncle for breakfast. Oh, it was good to see them!

5-29-17 Lauers

We sat and talked for two hours before parting ways.

I hurried home to Mary and Jordan’s place to change into garb because they had offered to take me to their local Renaissance Faire. I am always up for visiting a new faire!

There was a lot of walking and waiting involved before we even got into the faire grounds, and by the time we did it was well past a normal lunchtime, but we went ahead and got turkey legs before beginning to make the rounds of the booths. There were many very skilled and creative craftsmen selling their wares.

We also caught the birds of prey show and the joust. Since it was Memorial Day, they had the four knights each represent a different branch of the service. Great idea! And they also had women who acted as “joust cheerleaders.” It was a lot of fun.

5-29-17 Mary & Jordan

We were tired and dehydrated by the time we left, despite the fact that I at least had drunk 3 bottles of (overpriced) water at the faire. I was so glad I could spend this time with Mary and Jordan. I kept in touch with my family, who still had no electricity.

Tuesday morning I was up at a reasonable hour and visited a little over a mug of tea before I got back in the car and headed to Crossville, the town where my parents live. It was a spectacular 2-hour drive, and I arrived as my parents were eating lunch.

We mostly just visited yesterday, but today there has been a more demanding agenda. Today is my mother’s 85th birthday, and I am so tickled that the timing of my trip worked out for me to be there for this special day. This morning after breakfast I went grocery shopping, and made it back in time to eat lunch with my mom (my dad had left to run errands). Then I set to work making her requested birthday food: meatloaf and chili!

I had hoped to visit my one paternal aunt this afternoon, but it didn’t work out, so I made a cherry pie for my mom, which she had requested in lieu of a birthday cake. When my dad came back, we put supper together and ate. It wasn’t terribly festive, but it was the meal my mom wanted and she continued to get phone calls from family members.

I still had one more thing to make, and that was a pan of Scottish shortbread. Tomorrow I’ve got more baking to do and also will be making another one of my mom’s favorite meals.

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