A Catch-Up Post & Campus Wildlife

So I guess I forgot to post a hymn on Sunday. Please accept my apologies. I have no excuse.

I am back to being the sole accompanist at church, and I kind of miss the guitarist and the violinist, especially since the violinist graduated and will not be returning in the fall!

Our friends Don and Gwen came home from church with us on Sunday and stayed for much of the afternoon. My homemade tomato soup was a big hit!

Yesterday I had my second creative writing class and the kids worked on retelling and rewriting fables in their own words. It is always interesting to see what new slant the kids come up with.

Today was a bit of a challenge because it’s the second day of a fast, and I always think that is the worst day. I had been really looking forward to my autoharp lesson today, but I had to cancel because of having to pick Lucy up from work. Now there won’t be another opening until July! On the plus side, I have had a lot of fun playing my autoharp while preparing for the lesson I didn’t have.

My monthly critique group and writers’ meeting was tonight, so that was a fun way to end the day. My critique partners have been so helpful to me, and tonight they weighed in on the last chapter of the book they’ve been critiquing for many months now.

Then we had our meeting and one of our most stalwart members announced that he is moving. We all will miss him so much. He is an amazing man.

Parting Shot:

5-23-17 Campus coon

I encountered this striped bandit as I was leaving the campus gym this afternoon. He brazenly ignored me when I tried to get his attention so he’d be looking at the camera. He wasn’t afraid of me or my car at all.

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