A Momentary Setback

Everything has been going so well I suppose it was inevitable that I would get ahead of myself. I tried eliminating another medication and it didn’t go as planned. The medication in question is Glyburide, which I just started taking in February, right before I embarked on this adventure with my health.

When I started taking it, I saw no difference in my blood sugar and therefore I believed it was pointless. I honestly thought I could just let my prescription run out and I wouldn’t notice any change.

I was wrong. I went without Glyburide for 8 days, and during that time my fasting blood sugar readings went up by 20-30 points, to a level that was unacceptable to me. Who knew that tiny little pill was actually doing something? So I refilled the prescription and immediately my numbers went down again.

I continue to fast a minimum of 3 days a week. Generally speaking, my fast days are Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, plus half of Tuesday. However, sometimes I have to work around other events, so my new technique is to just allow myself 9 meals per week, and I can have them when it works out best with my schedule.

Of course, having said that, this week is different as I am doing a 4-day continuous fast to give my pancreas a longer vacation. I try to do a longer fast like this once a month, but I am thinking of trying even longer stretches in June and July, because I want to give myself the best possible chance to get off the rest of my medication. I might actually try decreasing my Metformin again before tackling Glyburide again.

I have been exercising every weekday with Jasper and am currently doing 25 minutes on an exercise bike. As I expected, it has had no impact at all on my blood sugar numbers.

I am not discouraged-—just determined.


2 thoughts on “A Momentary Setback

  1. I have a feeling this is going to a winning battle for you. You know how to listen to your body and you haven’t given in to fear . It is remarkable to read and travel with you in this journey. You have this.


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