I Should Have Stayed in Bed

If yesterday was a “down” day, today was downer. I almost felt as if my body was trying to get sick. I had a very emotionally exhausting morning due to some drama that popped up unexpectedly. At least Jasper and I still got through math!

I also took Lucy to and from work and Jasper and I went to the gym again. I didn’t increase my minutes today due to not feeling very well.

Then a fabric emergency occurred. I am not going to try to explain it to you. Let’s just say that I ended up taking a sudden trip to Tyler and I was successful in my objective.

Then Spencer had an emergency which required me to give him a ride somewhere, right when I was in the middle of having a meltdown over 4-H bureaucracy, so I dropped everything to give him a ride and then returned home for more frustration on the 4-H website. Tears were shed. After two hours of effort, I gave up for tonight and will wait to see if the extension office can help me tomorrow.

So, not my favorite day. Hoping tomorrow is better. . . .

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