Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day started like every Sunday, with me getting up early and tuning my autoharp before making breakfast. My former eager breakfast-makers have left home! I am now the sole accompanist at church again, after months of playing with both a violinist and a guitarist. I miss them both.

I had picked out a menu which I thought everyone would enjoy, though I knew the only thing I could eat was the meat–my favorite marinated and grilled pork. I got the meat marinating as soon as we got back from church.

During the afternoon I enjoyed a video call with Lina. If you grew up overseas in the days before the internet, today’s technology seems pretty amazing.

I had decreed that we would eat supper early so my family and I could eat together. Most of the time, I’m either fasting or I have to eat two hours before everyone else. It was good to have at least one meal where I could sit with my family and not just watch them eat. And I showed Spencer how to grill the meat because it’s one of those skills every Texan man should have.

Later, we watched a movie and then Flynn called. He doesn’t call often so it was good to talk to him. He is job hunting again and we are hoping he will find something soon. I also talked to my own mother to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

This morning was my first Story Quest class for this summer. I was very busy getting ready and taking Lucy to work this morning, but I managed to be ready when the class started at 9:00!  I had 7 students today but eventually there will be a total of 10. I so enjoy teaching this class.

After I picked up Lucy this afternoon, I went to the gym with Jasper before coming home to enjoy the process of figuring out what to spend my Mother’s Day gift cards on. I ordered some yarn with one of them (what a surprise!) and a couple of useful items with the other. It was like having a two-day Mother’s Day!


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