Unaccustomed As I Am . . .

I wrote this post last night and then forgot to post it!

Today was Lucy’s first day at work. I dropped her off this morning and picked her up at lunchtime after her morning of training on the job. She made a lot of pancakes this morning! Jasper also started back to work on school and I worked on class planning and other computer-dependent tasks before taking a break to play my autoharp.

I decided to figure out the chords to a song that was one of my all-time favorites as a teenager–and still is. Back in the day, my friend Gwen played and sang it a lot, to the point where I memorized the whole thing. Now that I have my own instrument and am pretty good at figuring out chords, I figured why not learn to play it myself? I even have the original songbook with chords and sheet music included.

Well. I had a surprise. I tried to play the song using the chords in the book, and it went fine until the coda (though I had to add in a few chords because stuff sounds different on the autoharp). I couldn’t get the coda to sound right, so I tried playing it on the piano. It sounded even worse. Very curious now, I found it on YouTube and listened to it sung by the original composer. That confirmed what I had begun to suspect. Gwen changed some notes in the coda, choosing to sing what was meant to be harmony instead of the main melody. Now I have a dilemma. I grew up listening to it played and sung the “wrong” way, and as a result I prefer that way. But . . . that’s not what the composer intended. What to do? *sigh*

I was saved from too much angst over the tune when my mother called and I was able to have a nice chat with her before I went to pick up Lucy.

This afternoon I did something that I have not done in at least three or four years. I darkened the doors of the university gymnasium. I have been faithful about exercising for years at a time, but what stopped me the last time was a shoulder injury. It has never “healed,” so I never could get up the motivation to go to the gym, because I can’t do what I really want, which is to swim. But exercise is also supposed to help with blood sugar control—not that it ever has for me, but it has plenty of other benefits too!

So Jasper and I went to the gym and I spent a few minutes on the exercise bike. At my age, I know better than to overdo it so I am starting easy and increasing gradually. I’ll let you know if I see any improvement in my blood sugar. I just eliminated another medication, so I’m trying to be very vigilant.

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