Big Weekend

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! It was busy but also full of family, and that is always a good thing.

On Saturday the kids all slept in after their late night, but my husband had to be up early to work at graduation, and I was up shortly afterwards. I had to shop for a few ingredients before returning home to make a chai-flavored cake, which Jasper had requested for his birthday dinner. The cake baking kept me from being able to attend graduation.

Some of the kids went to graduation, since Mercy and Lucy’s good friend Bri was graduating. I had hoped to at least be there to congratulate her after the ceremony, but then I heard from a friend who was in town for just a couple of hours, and I had planned to meet her when she arrived, so I drove up to the north side of town and visited with her and her future daughter-in-law while they ate lunch.

I got back in time to start working on Jasper’s birthday dinner. He had asked for beef curry, which we all love. Meanwhile, our former “adopted” college student Jonnie and his sister came over to say hello and were invited to supper also. They had come all the way from North Carolina to attend graduation. Then I heard from another out-of-town friend that he had arrived in town also, so he came for supper also.

I had thought I would have help with the cooking, but everyone was busy so I spent the rest of the afternoon making gluten-free and regular naan to go with the curry. Then I made the chai icing and iced the cake before I was free to visit with Bill. Bill and I went to high school together, and he also attended the same university as Walter and me. In fact he and Walter played soccer together back in the day, but we hadn’t seen him since 1982, as far as we can remember. We had a lot of catching up to do.

Meanwhile, Mercy’s boyfriend Daniel moved all his stuff into our house because he had to get out of the dorm. He needed a place to stay until Monday.

The dinner table was crowded with 12 people, which is the maximum number we can squeeze around it. It was a fun meal and no one complained about the food, so I guess it was all right.

Afterward we gave Jasper our gift of some more blacksmithing supplies. He already had a small anvil and some good leather gloves, so we gave him a leather apron, a blacksmith’s hammer, and a good basic book about smithing. He can’t wait to go to work on all those railroad spikes!

It was a late night, and I had to practice my music for Sunday much later than usual, which made it hard to get up and tune my autoharp on Sunday morning. I felt bad about possibly waking Daniel up, but it had to be done. I also made an egg and sausage casserole for our Sunday breakfast. I used to put bread or potatoes in my breakfast casseroles, but I don’t do that anymore. People who want bread can make toast! And that way I get to have some casserole.

Sunday was the designated day for Mary’s birthday dinner. She had offered to make her own cake–a gluten-free cheesecake, but I spent much of the afternoon preparing all the ingredients for our favorite salad, which was her chosen meal.

Her friends Brianna and Nikki came over, and Bri was here anyway, and Daniel was here too, so again we had 12 people around the table. I thought we had made a LOT of salad, and we did, but every last leaf of spinach was eaten! Mary also received a few gifts and everyone enjoyed eating her decadent cheesecake (well, except me).

It was a fun evening but it didn’t go too late since Mercy and Daniel and Nikki had to get up very early for their trip back to Colorado. They made great time and have already arrived.

I did not get up before dawn this morning to see Mercy and Daniel off, but Jasper did. I ran an errand this morning and then made cupcakes for us to take to 4-H this afternoon. (Just FYI, it is hard to have to make food for other people on days when you get no food at all!) Today was the last meeting of the school year and there were only 4 kids there. Our club is going to die if we can’t attract more members. The cupcakes were a hit though . . .

While Jasper and I were at 4-H, Mary took Lucy job hunting and she was able to fill out a few applications. Spencer had his first full day of work at his summer job, which is the same job except more hours than during the school year.

After supper tonight all the kids went out to the “new” trendy coffee shop in town which is not so new anymore, but still very popular. This is something they really enjoy doing together so I’m glad they got to go.

Tomorrow, Mary and Jordan will be leaving to return to Nashville.

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