Imposter Ivy & A Sibling Jaunt

Two years ago today, I was in the hospital after having my emergency appendectomy and finding out I was diabetic and had high blood pressure. It was a rough, rough time. Here I am, two years later and off of insulin. I finally feel like I’m on the right track.

Today was much more pleasant than that day two years ago. I did have to go to Aldi, but it was a beautiful day and not too hot.

Shortly before lunch my husband called me to let me know that some men would be coming to take some of our ivy—and thereon hangs a tale. The university has a tradition that incoming freshman are required to participate in an ivy-planting ceremony, during which they plant ivy in a certain location on campus.

Graduating seniors, therefore, are summoned to a second ceremony, where they receive cuttings of the ivy to take out into the wild world with them. I assume they are expected to plant and nurture their special ivy wherever they find themselves after graduation.

Unfortunately, the ivy on campus has not thrived of late. There was not sufficient ivy to provide cuttings for this year’s seniors. Our house, on the other hand, has a north-facing wall that is completely covered in ivy:

5-5-17 ivy

So some of our ivy was taken and it is now impersonating the campus ivy for this year’s crop of seniors. This has been cracking us up all day. And by the way, the above photo was taken after the ivy harvesting!

Meanwhile, the kids were getting ready for a group excursion to a concert in Texarkana, which is almost a two-hour drive from here. The band they are going to see (Disciple) is one that Mary has been close to for several years, so she was eager to take her siblings (I think all of them have met the band before except Jasper).

Given how kind they’ve been to Mary over the years, I thought the least I could do was make a batch of brownies for her to take to the band. So I did that, and the kids got everything else prepared. In addition to five of my own offspring, Jordan went, as did Mercy’s boyfriend Daniel and Nikki, a friend of Mary and Mercy’s and also Flynn’s girlfriend. I wanted to take a photo to commemorate the occasion, so naturally I asked them all to pose in front of our famous ivy:

5-5-17 kids by ivy

I don’t expect them back until well after I’ve gone to bed!

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