The Lion King Breakfast

Yes, I know today is Star Wars Day–and we didn’t forget it. However, the Star Wars part of the day didn’t start until later, because first there was the Lion King Breakfast. When Jasper had his birthday near the end of last month, I gave him a choice. He could either have his traditional birthday breakfast in bed, or he could wait till Mary got here and share a birthday breakfast with her in the living room while watching a movie.

He didn’t even have to think about it. He wanted to wait for Mary, whose birthday is the same week as his. (They were born 10 years and 4 days apart.) He also knew what movie he wanted–The Lion King, which is one of Mary’s lifelong favorites and in fact was the first movie she saw in a theater when she was a preschooler. Fortunately, Mary also loved the idea!

So this morning I got up and set to work making gluten-free crepes and the rest of the things. Mary and Jasper eventually got up, and I set their breakfast up on the trunk/coffee table in the living room. We went old-school on the movie: the only copy we have is the original VHS tape we got back in the 90s. Jordan and I kept them company while they ate and watched the movie. The food and the entertainment were a great success.

5-4-17 Lion King Breakfast

Later I ran some errands and then this evening after supper, we finished off the day by watching Star Wars: A  New Hope together.

Parting Shot:

5-4-17 mint

My friends Pepper and Spear are doing very well!

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