A Doctor Visit & Another Arrival

Yesterday, when Mary and Jordan arrived, I finally remembered to contact my friend Carolyn. I can’t remember if I mentioned it here, but Mary suffered a painful ear injury at a concert in March. Since then, she has seen several medical professionals, none of whom seemed able to diagnose or treat her condition. I have been very worried.

So since they were coming to visit anyway, I wondered if maybe I could take Mary to see Carolyn’s husband Ron, who is an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist here in town. It was very short notice, but they managed to squeeze her in today. Mary and Jordan and I drove over to the doctor’s office and while Mary was being seen by Ron, I was able to visit with Carolyn and gape over how much her son Sam has grown (he is now working for his dad, as is one of his sisters).

Mary finally got a straight answer, and the news is pretty good. She has not suffered any hearing loss. She does have quite a bit of nerve damage, which is what has been causing her problems, but that should improve over the next few months. Eventually, she should be more or less back to normal. Whew! What a relief.

We had a big thunderstorm this afternoon, right when Mary was out buying some groceries for me. Then, as the family was finishing their pizza, Mercy and her friend Nikki arrived! They drove all the way down from Colorado today.

Today was my first 3-meal day since Thursday, and I tried not to feel guilty about it. Tomorrow it’s back to resting my pancreas—but first I’m going to make a special breakfast for two of my offspring.


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