A Welcome Arrival

We are still missing Lina, of course, and will continue to do so, but at least we had Mary and Jordan’s arrival to look forward to. Jasper has been busy for days trying to clear a path through his room, which involved sorting thousands of pieces of Lego, among other things.

I had to run some errands this morning, but tried to get some other things done today so I could enjoy Mary and Jordan’s visit more. They arrived in time for supper, so it was a very congenial meal with more than the usual number of people at the table.

Lina should have arrived back at Sakeji today, and Mercy should be arriving in town tomorrow, though she won’t be staying with us and we don’t expect to see much of her. She has lots of friends to visit (including her boyfriend) and a very close friend who is graduating this weekend. Still, we hope to see her at least once or twice.

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