Another Hard Goodbye

Yesterday was very full of stuff to get Lina ready to go. (She did most of it.) We took her car back to the missionary service organization that rented it to her. She ran errands and I ran errands. Then she stayed up late packing and I went to bed because I knew I had to drive today.

It was hard to get up this morning and get ready to go, because I knew I’d be coming back alone. I made Lina some breakfast but she felt too nauseated to eat it after only two hours of sleep. I made tea in my travel mug, and Jasper lugged Lina’s suitcases out to the car. It was a beautiful, chilly spring morning such as we so rarely get here in East Texas, and the highway was lined with vivid yellow and white wildflowers, and even some faded bluebonnets. She is leaving at the most beautiful time of year!

We stopped at Starbucks on the way so Lina could have one last Starbucks coffee, and we arrived at the airport in good time. She got her luggage checked in without a hitch, and we still had some 45 minutes to visit before she had to get in the line for security.

Then came the moment that gets harder, not easier, as the years go by: that final tearful hug before we part company once again. In this particular case, there were personal things that made the parting hard, but the reality is that it never gets easier to say goodbye to your adult children, especially when they go overseas and especially when you don’t know for sure when you will see them again.

I watched her snail-like movement through the security line so I could be there to wave back at her when she turned back for her final wave. Fortunately we are both tall and can wave to each other above the sea of heads!

I took a few minutes to collect myself in the car before heading off to my next destination–the home of a friend from Africa whom I hadn’t seen in decades. She made me a fabulous low-carb salad for lunch and we talked for three hours. It was a wonderful antidote to the misery I had so recently experienced.

The drive home was breathtakingly beautiful and I savored the beauty of a sunny spring day in East Texas. I think Lina should be landing in Dubai pretty soon . . .


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