An Early Birthday Meal

Once again, there has been a little lapse in my posting here. We had a busy weekend, especially yesterday when we had two big meals to contribute to. Since it was Lina’s last Sunday here, she had been asked to give a presentation, which she did after the service and after the potluck that followed. Unfortunately, attendance was very low yesterday, and by the end of the potluck she didn’t have much of an audience.

Still, I prepared plenty of food for the potluck and most of it came back home with me. We didn’t eat it for supper, though, because that was Lina’s birthday dinner. Her actual birthday is at the end of next month, but we wanted to celebrate before she leaves.  So I made a huge pan of Sombrero Dip (a family favorite) and a cake. Well, Lucy made the actual cake–I made the raspberry filling and the mocha icing and assembled it!

All four of our college students came for dinner, so we had a full table for once. I admit I felt a little sorry for myself since I had to abstain from eating, but I enjoyed visiting with everyone.

All day yesterday I felt myself beginning to succumb to the cold that has claimed the rest of the family except Walter. I had hoped that my strengthened immune system would fight it off, but alas that did not happen. Therefore, today was a day of taking meds so I could get through paper grading and then teach my final class of this semester.

As always, I have become fond of my students over the course of this semester. I will miss them, though I’m quite sure they will not miss me!

Our friends Don and Gwen arrived this evening to spend the night en route back to Dallas. They finally got to catch up with Lina, who has been out of town every other time they’ve stopped by in the last few months.

Only two more full days with Lina . . .

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