A Faire Day

I know it’s hard to believe, but until today I hadn’t managed to visit a single Renaissance Faire this year.  Since Lina’s been gone every weekend for a couple of months, I figured I would wait until she was here to go with me.

Being a glutton for punishment, she walked a 5K this morning before we left for the faire. This is the “new” faire, which has essentially replaced the faire we first fell in love with 14 years ago.  This new faire is now in its third year of operation.

I was happy to see a very good turnout. Lina and I enjoyed the birds of prey show (twice), an escape artist show, and two music shows we really enjoyed–the Green Man Clan and Faire to Middlin’, both of which I have seen several times at past faires.

We also went to both jousts. I have learned that I can enjoy a theatrical joust as long as I think of it not as a joust (because it isn’t one) but as a melodrama acted out on horseback. As theater, it is quite enjoyable. The script calls for “Sir Galahad” to fight and ultimately defeat “Sir Mordred.” Sir Galahad had a pronounced Southern drawl which made me giggle. Sir Mordred, the villain, was much funnier and more charismatic, so I’m afraid I cheered for the losing side.

Of course we also spent quite a bit of time browsing the booths and enjoying all the handcrafted items on display. I paid a ridiculous price for a turkey leg, because that is one of the very few festival foods I can eat.

We were quite delighted to come upon a spinning booth, in a completely different place than it was the last two years. They had a cage with some very fluffy angora rabbits. The booth was manned by a young woman and a young man, and when I asked who the spinner was, they answered that they both were. To prove it, the man soon sat down and started spinning some fiber on the spinning wheel.

show 2

First time seeing yarn spun by a man in a kilt!

It was a beautiful day. It did get hot for a while, but it wasn’t unbearable and this particular faire is in a forested location, so there is almost always shade. I had my silver umbrella but didn’t need to use it! I’m glad Lina and I were able to do this.

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