Back to the Airport

Today was mostly about another trip to the airport. Remember, it is 150 miles to the airport, and depending on traffic it can take more than three hours to get there. I left mid-morning and thought I had left plenty early, but Lina’s plane ended up landing early so she was waiting for me for a few minutes before I arrived.

I took her to one of our favorite Indian restaurants for a late lunch before we headed home. I was thrilled to see they are now offering a salad option if you don’t want naan or rice (or in my case, can’t eat them). So I was able to have a good meal without doing any damage to my blood sugar.

I enjoyed hearing about Lina’s visit in Canada during our drive home. It was a beautiful day with brilliant sunshine and flowers everywhere. This area is just so beautiful in the spring.

We arrived home just in time to make supper. So glad to have Lina back for just a little bit longer.



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