Stringing Right Along

We had some massive thunderstorms last night and this morning, and a mostly overcast and rainy day. I love a day like that every now and then. I certainly did not have to worry about watering my mint plants!

Jasper had his tutoring session with Jordan this morning, so I could work on paying bills. We are waiting on a paycheck that was due at the end of March, and I admit I’m getting a little anxious. I hope it arrives soon.

I also worked on restringing one of my favorite necklaces. I don’t wear much jewelry at all, apart from the little gold rings in my ears, but there are a few things I wear on the rare occasions when I want to be a little dressy. My malachite necklace is one of them. My husband brought it back from Zambia for me on one of the two occasions when he went without me. He knew how badly I wanted one—I grew up in Zambia but could never afford to get a malachite bead necklace when I actually lived there!

It is over 20 years old now and so far has held up well, but I worried that one of these days the dental floss would break and beads would go everywhere. (Yes, the necklace was strung on actual dental floss.) The other problem was that the clasp was very tiny and had to be screwed together. I have never been able to do it by myself with my hands behind my neck! Someone always has to help me. So I thought I’d replace the screw clasp with one that is easier for me to handle.

I have the tools I need but making jewelry for myself is a bit tricky because of my metal sensitivity. The 19-strand wire I’m using is coated, but I worry about the crimp beads. Even a tiny little crimp bead touching my skin will cause irritation quite quickly, so I am swathing the crimp beads at either end in clear fabric paint that should protect my skin. The “loop” end is drying tonight and tomorrow I will do the clasp end.



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