A Rescue & A Disaster

So last night I put a lot of effort into dyeing a light green shirt a brighter, darker green. I let the shirt sit in the dye for a long time and stirred it often. Then I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. This morning I rinsed it some more in the washing machine before drying it.

When Jasper pulled it out of the dryer, we realized the shirt was not going to be usable for the skit or much of anything else. The dye came out very uneven and blotchy, and the green is a little too blue for what we need, which is a bright grass green.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I was pretty sure my husband had the right color of shirt, so I raided his closet and sure enough–just what we needed!

Meanwhile, Lina continued her lonely vigil in the airport in New York. Thank goodness her friend Beth was able to cross the border into the US, so Lina didn’t fly to Buffalo after all. Beth got to her late this afternoon and last I heard they were planning to spend the night in Niagara before heading to Toronto tomorrow. I’m so glad Lina is finally out of that airport and finally with her friend!

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