The Best-Laid Plans . . .

Well, today did not go as planned for poor Lina. She made it to the airport in time for her flight, only to find that the flight had been delayed. She was not worried because she had a long enough layover at LaGuardia in New York that she’d still be able to make her connecting flight to Toronto.

Except when she landed in New York, she learned that her flight to Toronto had been canceled. She was able to book a different flight for this evening—but that one was canceled too. Every alternative she tried was already booked by other desperate travelers-—bus, train, hotels, rental cars. She was eventually able to book a flight to Buffalo—tomorrow. So it looks like she has no choice but to spend tonight in the airport. It’s not the end of the world, of course, but it sure isn’t fun, and it means she’ll miss out on a full day of her visit with Beth, who is hoping to drive down to get her in Buffalo tomorrow.

While Lina had travel woes, Mary had the unnerving experience of having two thugs try to break into her apartment! Fortunately they were not successful and nothing was stolen. Unfortunately, the police were unable to catch the would-be burglars.

Meanwhile, I took Jasper to another skit practice today and then after supper we went shopping for his “costume,” a green polo shirt. The only problem was we couldn’t find the right shade of green, so I chose a pastel green shirt and bought a bottle of green dye. By morning I’ll know if my efforts were successful!

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