A Yarn Adventure

Since Lina and I had to go to Dallas today anyway, I suggested going in early to beat the rush hour traffic and then maybe we could check out a Dallas yarn store. So we left shortly after lunch and made our way to a yarn store on the north side of Dallas. It was a very nice store, with plenty of sitting space (always a plus for me) and a big section of clearance yarn, from which I picked a couple of balls for a small project I have in mind.

Lina, in the course of her browsing, came across some lovely hand-dyed yarn which came from a studio right in our very own home town of Longview. We had no idea there was such yarny creativity going on here.  She bought a souvenir skein, and I have already checked out the Twisted Owl website!

After our yarn store spree, we went out for an early supper to a restaurant that was a little out of our comfort zone in terms of price. That sometimes happens when you are just trusting Google to lead you to the nearest ethnic restaurant.

When we had finished eating, we continued on to the west side of town to get Lina checked into her hotel. She is flying to Canada early in the morning, and we both agreed that we didn’t want to get up at 3:00 a.m. to leave for the airport tomorrow. (She can take a shuttle from the hotel.) I had a power nap while waiting for rush hour traffic to dissipate a little, but was on my way by 7:00. This is a beautiful time of year to be driving back and forth to Dallas so much. The highways are lined with wildflowers, including many bluebonnets and pink primroses.

I arrived home by moonlight and am happy that I don’t have to head for the airport again until next week!

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