Catching Up

Well, I should be ashamed of myself. I even forgot to post a hymn on Sunday! My only excuse is that Mercy was visiting and I was suffering from a mild case of sun poisoning all day Sunday and into Monday.

Sunday was a busy day as we went to church in pouring rain and then in the afternoon our missionary friends Steve and Angie came over so that Mercy could visit with them while she was here. It was a little chaotic with Steve and Angie’s three small boys running around, but Jasper did a great job of entertaining them and we had a good visit.

Walter and I spent the evening watching a movie with Mercy and Daniel and Bri, and by the time it was over I didn’t feel up to posting because remember, I had sun poisoning and really didn’t feel well at all.

Monday there could be no resting and recuperating, because I had a big stack of grading to do and some new material to write before my class. Every time I teach this class on essay writing, I add more content. Only two more classes this semester!

The minute my class was over, I packed some finger food for my supper and set off for the DFW airport once again. I don’t terribly enjoy arriving at sunset when the sun is in my eyes and I can’t read any signs until I am right upon them—but I made it there all right just as Lina’s plane was landing.

I made her drive on the way home so I could at least check in with my online chat using my phone. I am not very good at all when it comes to typing on my phone in a moving vehicle, so I mostly just read what others posted.

We arrived home at about 10:30 and had an hour or so to visit with Mercy before saying goodbye. We will see her next month, but Lina won’t see her again before leaving for Africa later this month. Mercy left very early this morning to catch her flight to Denver, but thank goodness Bri and Daniel took her and I could stay in bed.

Today Jasper and I spent a lot of time wrestling with math. I also ran a couple of errands and worked on an urgent beading project for Lina. I haven’t worked on beading for a while so that was a very enjoyable interlude for me. I have also started a new knitting project which will consist of several items and should take me a few weeks.

Tomorrow, it’s back to Dallas . . .

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