Mint Competition & a Surprise

Meet my two new friends, Pepper and Spear.

3-30-17 mint

That’s Pepper on the left and Spear on the right. They are mint plants. Almost every year, I try to grow mint, but it is hard in this hot climate where we often have long dry spells. Mint likes to be wet. So, once again I am giving it a try because I love fresh mint tea.

I always plant mint in pots because all the books warn about how invasive it is if not contained. So this year we’re gonna see just how invasive these two varieties are. Since I bought them a couple of weeks ago, Pepper seems to be spreading more horizontally and Spear has grown quite a bit taller. I thought it would be fun to see which one ends up hogging more of the long planter. I will keep you posted as time goes by.

In other culinary news, I have also planted two varieties of chives and some purple-leaf basil. Today was a glorious spring day, sunny and warm but not too hot and not muggy. Today is what spring should be like, but almost never is here.

This evening after Walter and Spencer got back from work and were eating supper, I heard some more people come in and assumed it was Lucy and Bri—which it was. But then I heard another voice and guess what? It was Mercy! She flew down for the weekend, which is homecoming at the university. And, lest you think that she went to all this trouble just to see her family, I feel I should point out that there is a young man here who I think was a bigger factor in her decision. Either way, it was very good to see her!

Parting Shot:

3-30-17 thread

What do you think happens if you use a wheeled office chair in your sewing room, and thread occasionally falls to the floor without your noticing? The castors on my chair had stopped turning, and this is why. That’s at least ten years of thread accumulation! I need my chair to roll because I am constantly swiveling between my sewing machine and my serger. It was a lot of work to pop those castors off (I had to call in a pro—my husband) but then I got them all cleaned up and put back on. Whew! Maybe now I can get some serious sewing done!

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