In a stunning, unforeseen development, Miss Wisteria of the Mamamentor estate has given birth to three pink blooms. No one could be more flabbergasted than Mamamentor herself, who oversaw the choosing and planting of Miss Wisteria some fifteen years ago. After ten years of no blooms, Mamamentor admitted that she had a grudge against the Japanese wisteria vine she had tended for a full decade with no reward. She took pleasure in cruelly pruning back the luxuriant vines in hopes of scaring Miss Wisteria into blooming.

Last year, the family’s incipient hopes were dashed when Miss Wisteria produced a single flower bud, only to eject it before it was even an inch long. That false start made this month’s extravaganza even more surprising. “I never thought I’d live to see the day,” confessed Mamamentor.

3-27-17 Miss Wisteria

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