A Double Drenching

Today I had more than one reason for disliking Fridays. Yes, I had to go to Aldi, but at least I had Jasper with me today. It is always so much less dismal when I have company.

After lunch, I planned to drive to the nearest Jo-Ann’s to pick up a fabric order. This is a one-hour drive. I miss Hancock’s so much. About halfway to Jo-Ann’s I drove into a thunderstorm. It was more or less like driving under a continuous waterfall.

I made it safely to the Jo-Ann’s parking lot and sat there in my car, hoping to wait out the rain. The rain laughed at me and came down harder. So I got out of the car and waded across the parking lot to the store. I was completely soaked to the skin by the time I walked in the door.

Now don’t get me wrong. I really do love rain, especially at this time of year when it washes the pollen out of the air for a full ten minutes or so. What I don’t like is not having an umbrella and then getting soaked and remaining wet for hours afterward.

After I drove back home and had supper and was mostly dry, the rain had let up to the point where it was just drizzling. I took advantage of the lull to make a dash for Walmart, where I needed to buy some more supplies for tomorrow’s chai party.

I got everything I needed and then headed out the door, only to find myself faced with yet another torrential downpour. By the time I got to the car and unloaded the stuff I’d bought, I was once again completely soaked from head to toe.

Twice in one day is a bit much. As soon as I got home I changed into dry clothes and vowed not to set foot outside again this evening. Also, I played my autoharp to improve my mood.

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