A Belated Birthday Dinner

Lucy was away camping on her birthday (the 13th) and then we left on our trip before she returned, so we hadn’t celebrated her birthday before today. In fact, today was the only day we could do it this week before Lina leaves again!

So I went to Aldi this morning to get the ingredients for making our favorite beef curry and also for cheesecake, which she had requested in lieu of a more traditional birthday cake. Lina made the cheesecake and I made the curry. It’s kind of sad to make one of your favorite foods, knowing you can’t eat it, to be honest. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a bite or two at lunchtime, but of course no rice!

As we were waiting for Walter and Lina to get home from work so we could have dinner, Walter called and said the van would not start, so I had to drive over and fetch them. Later, Lina helped him tow the van with the Suburban.

The birthday dinner was very rushed because by the time everyone was here, it was almost time for Bri and Lucy and Spencer to leave again!

The van seems to be having an electrical problem that I hope won’t be expensive to fix.

Also, I got to spend some quality time with my autoharp.

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