2000 Miles, 5 states, 3 hotels, 3 brothers, 3 seasons, 2 time zones, 1 wedding

What a trip! I had planned to post last night, but the internet at the hotel quit working a few minutes after I logged on, so I gave up on that plan and focused on getting some rest.

On Sunday morning (yesterday) the girls and I got up and before we were really properly awake, Jasper had joined us. He had been sharing Flynn’s room, but Flynn had to leave very early in the morning to catch his flight, and Jasper woke up and was bored. We got the cars loaded (ours and Mary’s) and then walked through the hotel lobby and into the restaurant to meet the rest of the family for brunch.

We had a long table lined with family and it was a very convivial meal. The breakfast buffet was very good, though not cheap. Those of you who see your families on a regular basis may not realize what an amazing gift it is to spend time with all of your siblings and your parents for the first time in two and a half years. I didn’t get a photo of my three brothers together, which is a pity, because then we could have played a game wherein I would ask you (if you don’t know them) to guess which two are twins and what their age order is. I guarantee you would not be able to figure it out from their appearance.

After our brunch, most of us drove out to my brother Matt’s house for a tour (he is the father of the bride). This is the first time I’ve seen any place he’s lived in since he got married 35 years ago. He lives out in the country, at the “dead” end of a dead end, in a lovely house that overlooks a pond with a pair of nesting swans in it. It is a beautiful setting.

Probably the highlight for me was getting to see my sister-in-law’s ceramics studio. My sister-in-law, Brenda, is a boss at whatever she turns her hand to. She is a superb seamstress and embellisher. I did not realize till yesterday that she is also a woodworker—she made a beautiful cabinet that Matt pointed out to me. She can also draw, paint and sculpt. She is a world class macramé artist. Here is a piece she made for her kitchen window:

Brenda curtain

She is so brilliant at so many things, it’s hard to imagine that she is even better at one particular thing. Her ceramic artistry is so exquisite that I can only subside into a state of awe when I see her work. Here are a few samples of her artistry:

Brenda 3

Brenda 1

Brenda 2

Brenda 4

Brenda 5

If you are interested in contacting her, she has a website at http://www.ccreekceramics.com/

So anyway, I eventually managed to tear myself away from all that beauty and say goodbye to my parents and my brother, and we got on the road. Since we left so late, we decided to just get as far as we could and then stop for the night. We made it to Cairo, Illinois before running out of steam, and had a good night’s sleep before setting off again this morning. Amazingly, our budget motel offered a hot breakfast including actual protein that I could eat!

We drove into our own driveway just before 5:00 this evening.  Yesterday, in Indiana, it was still winter. Today, in Missouri and Arkansas, it was spring. Here in Texas, it appears to be summer already. It was over 90 degrees when we arrived home!


2 thoughts on “2000 Miles, 5 states, 3 hotels, 3 brothers, 3 seasons, 2 time zones, 1 wedding

  1. Dear Linda, Lina, & Jasper, Glad you had such a good time at your niece’s wedding and with family members afterward. Glad you could visit Matt and Brenda’s place also.
    We each have our own gifts. Now your gift is teaching and you are busy at it again.
    Alice and I are planning a trip back to Indiana and Michigan in mid June to see my family there. Also many thanks that you visited Gertie on your way to Ft. Wayne.
    Love, Mom


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