Facing the Giants: Wedding Edition

Today was the big day of my niece’s wedding. First though, we slept in a little and then the five of us drove over to the hotel where my brother Jon and his wife were staying, and we spent the rest of the morning visiting with them. We all went out to lunch together before splitting up to get ready for the wedding.

Before heading back to our hotel, I made my kids drive to a different part of town. I wanted to see the house where I used to live. After several decades, it is still there and still a beautiful house:

3-18-17 1008 Kensington

I loved that house. It was green when we lived there. That little window to the left of the chimney was my room. I wish I could have spent more time in my old neighborhood, but we had to rush back to the hotel and get ready for the wedding.

Mary and Lina and I barely made it in time thanks to some confusing directions from our GPS. It was a sweet wedding and I so enjoyed being there with my family, and finally getting to meet the groom, Kevin.

3-18-17 Nicole and Kevin

I also managed to get a photo of Nicole with her sister Meghan:

3-18-17 Nicole & Meghan

The big thing about this wedding is that it involved two very tall families. You are unlikely to see so many tall people in one room as we had at this wedding, unless you are at a professional basketball game. My dad, brothers, and sons range from 6 feet tall (Jasper) to 6’6” (Flynn).  The groom’s family was also tall, and the groom himself is 6’6”. The bride is 6’3” and her sister 6’1”. Mary and Lina are 5’11 and 6 feet tall. It is a rare and beautiful thing for me to feel short at only 5’10”!

The reception lasted for quite a while, giving me a chance to visit with my brothers and a little with my parents. The wedding was very taxing for my mom and as a result she and my dad left quite early. It is so unusual for me to have time with family like this. I interrogated my nephew Baker, whom I hadn’t seen in many years. Tomorrow maybe I’ll get a chance to talk to his sister Riley. We’re all going to hang out and have brunch in the morning before going our separate ways. I had to postpone my class in order to stay later, but it’s worth it.

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