An Absent Birthday Girl

Nineteen years ago today, I was in the hospital meeting my daughter Lucy for the first time. She was born via C-section due to being breech, but she turned just minutes before and surprised everyone in the operating room by coming out head first!

Today, on her 19th birthday, I had no way to contact her and even wish her a happy birthday. She and her friends are camping in Big Bend and I have to assume that she either doesn’t have cell reception or has no way to charge her phone. We don’t know when she’s returning. I guess we’ll just be surprised.

We had a quiet Sunday and no company at all for Sunday dinner. My day was made when I received a message from someone who had read and loved one of my stories, and wanted to know where to get more.

Today Lina went to get her professional massage to deal with the knotted-up trapezius muscle. They have recommended that she go back in a week, as it was not possible to get everything worked out in one session. She may not make it back that soon due to the cost, but she definitely needs to get it worked on again. Meanwhile, she is sore but should start feeling some relief soon.

Jasper and I are trying to finish a math unit, which we should do tomorrow. Other than that, he is on spring break, much to his delight.

I am nearing the end of my seemingly endless knitting project. Only five more of those 640-stitch rows to go!

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