A Productive Saturday

Today was the first day of Spencer and Lucy’s spring break. Lucy left for her camping trip before dawn this morning and I haven’t heard if they even made it to Big Bend and set up camp. Spencer slept in and spent the day hanging out with a friend.

Meanwhile, here at the homestead, Jasper got donuts for everyone for breakfast (except me, of course). Then he and Walter left to do yardwork at the church and Lina and Jennifer left to do various things and that meant I had the house to myself for several hours.

There was so much I wanted to do! I went around starting things. I started a cleaning project. Then I started another one. I got some potting soil and planted some seeds. I did some knitting and some cooking. I worked on music for tomorrow. I didn’t finish everything I started, but I got a lot done!

This evening Lina and Jennifer helped make enchiladas for supper and then went to a coffee shop for a drink before returning to watch a video with us. I made some great headway on my knitting.

Now it’s raining and I love hearing the rain. I love it especially in spring when it washes all that pollen out of the air.


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