Spring Break is in the Air! And Also Pollen

This morning when I went out to get in the car and drive to Aldi, the car was more yellow than any other color. So. Much. Pollen. Jasper said some blackbirds were in the yard today, and when they all flew out of the trees, pollen rained down on everything.

So I survived Aldi, and then Lina left to go pick up her friend Jennifer, who has flown in just for the weekend. They had a lot of fun in Dallas before driving back here, so they didn’t arrive until late this evening.

Meanwhile, Lucy was trying to finish writing a paper and also packing for a camping trip she is leaving on in the morning. This coming week is spring break, so the campus is emptying out. Mercy’s friends Bri and Daniel are on their way to visit her in Colorado, and Lucy will be spending her birthday camping with a bunch of college students down in Big Bend. She is bound to come back with some interesting stories, thanks to the fact that very little planning has gone into this trip.

The highlight of my day was getting to eat supper after fasting for three days. I missed food.



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