Bee Business & a Birthday

Yesterday by the time I posted  I was too tired to remember everything that happened during the day, which is a pity because a really big thing that happened yesterday was that Jasper finally went to check on his bees. After losing his first hive, he’s been kind of paranoid about this one. It was a very small hive to start with, so he faithfully babied it along by feeding it sugar water for month after month.

It appeared to be healthy, but he was still afraid to actually open it up and look. Lately the hive has been very active, with many bees leaving and then returning laden with pollen. So yesterday he and his friend Sam went to have a look. They found a busy hive that is thriving! Lots of bees, lots of honey, lots of brood. This is what a beekeeper loves to see. Jasper will be adding another box to it and hoping for an actual honey harvest this year.

Today Jasper was up early to get donuts for his dad. It was Walter’s birthday today. His crew got him a cake, but we didn’t celebrate here because we’re going to wait until Flynn is here (he’s arriving tomorrow).  He did get some phone calls from family members, including Lina and his sister.

Also, I got Jasper to help me with my annual wisteria massacre. Every year I prune Miss Wisteria very severely in hopes of scaring her into blooming. We’ve had that thing for 14 years or so. Last year, for the first time, it had a bud, but it fell off before blooming. Every year I hope this will be the year we’ll actually see a flower! We do have a hyacinth blooming, but that’s not at all the same thing . . .


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