A Chai Party & A Potluck

So, it was a busy weekend. Lina left early Saturday morning to drive to Nashville to visit Mary and Jordan. She made good time and arrived before supper.

Meanwhile, we had a chai party to get ready for here. We were also getting ready for our friends Don and Gwen to arrive. They got here about the time the chai party started. Gwen enjoyed talking to a Kenyan student and getting him to sing the Kenyan national anthem with her.

I stayed outside for a while, but then came in to work on the food for Sunday’s potluck.

After staying up late due to the chai party, I was up bright and early on Sunday morning, making a quick run to Walmart for a couple of things I had forgotten, and still getting back in time to tune my autoharp and run through the hymns a couple of times.

My famed potato casserole had been cooking all night in the slow cooker and the dessert was in the fridge. It took a while to get everything packed and loaded: 12 pounds of sausages, two dozen rolls, the cheesy potato casserole, plus a large cherry cheesecake and a platter of brownies. I took a lot of food because I knew there would be “extra” people at the potluck.

The occasion for the potluck was the recent arrival back of our friends Steve and Angie, who have been in Kenya for the last two and a half years. It was so good to see them and their three young boys! There was plenty of food and the things I brought went over well. Because of my diabetes, I just brought a salad to eat so I didn’t actually get to taste any of the potluck food.

Everybody stayed late visiting so my prized Sunday nap ended up being both late and short–but at least I got one! Don and Gwen and their son left shortly after we returned from the potluck. To my relief, there were enough leftovers from the potluck that I didn’t have to cook supper.

It started raining during the night and rained all day today. It was a good day to stay in. My poor students had to come through rain to get here, though! Yeah, I really did make them come to class on President’s Day.


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