94 Years and Counting

Today Lina and I went on a little outing. I had called my dear friend Jean on Monday and asked if we could come take her out to lunch today. Jean is 94 years old and still goes in to work at her son’s gun shop every day.

So we drove to Henderson, the town where Jean lives, and when we got to the shop, she was at the front of the store waiting. We have known Jean for about 25 years, since we were first invited to speak at her church during the time when we were preparing to go to Zambia as missionaries. She taught the toddler Sunday School class and therefore taught all our kids except Lina. She was a surrogate grandmother to our kids when they were growing up.

She is moving a lot more slowly now, and needs a cane to lean on when she walks. We took her to a restaurant across the street and had such a nice visit. She is a sweet, sweet lady. It was hard to hear Jean’s soft voice over the hubbub at the restaurant, so we went back to the shop and visited some more. That’s where I’ll go if I ever decide I need a firearm!

She told us stories of her early life, and how she had saved her husband’s GI salary during World War II so they could buy their first house–for $2200!

After saying goodbye to Jean, we drove over to her church, which we also attended for several years. The church was severely damaged in a tornado 18 months ago, and the repairs have just finally been completed. There is a new roof and a new section of wall so it looks at little different, but I am so glad they can move back into that building. While we were there, the pastor drove up so we stopped to visit with him for a few minutes too.

The town of Henderson is such a lovely small town, and seems to have more than its fair share of beautiful houses. I miss driving there every week. It is a beautiful drive, so relaxing and enjoyable. After yesterday’s rain, the sunshine was glorious.


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