Wind, Sun, Water

Not much to say about today, to be honest. Jasper did school this morning and then he and Lina and I headed out to the lake. It was a gorgeous day, and the temperature was supposed to be about 80. Unfortunately, we thought this meant we wouldn’t need any warm clothing.

Once we got to the lake it was very windy. The wind was kind of chilly. We had a nice picnic lunch and then listened to an audiobook. Lina had brought a cloth that she could use as a wrap and was able to sit in the sunshine. I had brought a towel and ended up using it as a wrap since I had to sit in the shade!

Jasper went for a hike and eventually I went for a walk as well–it did help warm me up. It was just a beautiful day but I didn’t take any photos. The lake is lovely all year round, but at this time of year its beauty is rather austere.

By the time we headed home, I had a very sore throat and didn’t feel well. I have a feeling tomorrow might have a lot of garlic in it.

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