Algebra & Crochet

This morning we wrestled with Algebra even more than we normally do. I was trying to help Jasper with a problem and we both kept getting stuck. So I asked Lina to help, since she actually teaches math, and she got stuck too. Jasper had to finally look up the step-by-step solution on the CD. The rest of the math we did was equally exciting. We were both tired by the time we finished!

While Jasper was working on his next math lesson, my friend Shirley came over for a crochet lesson. I have taught many, many people to knit but rarely get requests to teach crochet. When you are trying to teach someone how to do it, you really have to think about what you are doing. After so many decades, the movements are second nature to me so it is hard to slow down and pay attention to each little thing. Shirley caught on very quickly and is well on her way to making her first project.

Later, I finished my final increase round on my current knitting project. I now have 640 stitches in every row. It is going to take real fortitude to keep going as it takes so long to complete even one row. It may be ambitious to even think about getting 1/4 of an inch done per day! I had hoped to do some sewing as well, but by the time I paid a bunch of bills and did some paperwork I was out of time.

I have not heard anything from my absent husband, nor do I expect to until Thursday. I imagine his sister is keeping him very busy.


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