Discouraging Words

Today started off with an early morning doctor’s appointment. It was kind of discouraging. She wants me to take a bunch of spiffy new meds that I cannot afford. I asked her why I keep needing to increase my insulin dosage, and she said, “Because your pancreas is wearing out.” Ouch. I really didn’t want to hear that. I haven’t even been a diabetic for very long. I want my pancreas to hang in there!

Then I came home and spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for student papers that did not exist and preparing for my class and having printer issues AGAIN.  This is a new printer! Why would it keep saying its door is open when it isn’t?

My students came and we talked about revisions and I think they might have been a little daunted by all the steps I want them to go through, but it’s good training for them.

Then I went to pick up my prescriptions, only to find that the doctor’s office never called them in! Grrr. I am completely out of something I really need.

Walter was on the road again today, driving up to West Virginia to visit his other sister. I won’t hear from him until Thursday, as there is no cell reception where she lives. I hope they have a good visit as he hasn’t seen her in several years.


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