A Departure & Other Stuff

Today I got up much earlier than I like to do on a Saturday, so I could be up to make sandwiches and say goodbye to my husband, who drove to Atlanta today. He made it out of the driveway at about 8:20 this morning, and I had some strong tea with my breakfast before deciding I had earned a nap!

Spencer also left early for an away rugby game. Jasper didn’t return home until lunchtime. Lina went out and donated plasma again. I made crumpets, did some housework, and worked on music for church. (The crumpets turned out beautifully, by the way.)

The girls and I also had some time to hang out this evening, watching some videos and getting a lot of knitting done. Those long rows are killing me! But one by one they are adding up.

Spencer returned home with spectacular bruises after losing the game–but he said his team played well against the top-seeded team in the state. Walter arrived safely at his mother’s house and has a challenging week ahead of him.

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