A Quiet Friday

What can I say about today? It was Friday, my least favorite day of the week because that’s when I go grocery shopping at Aldi. I survived it. The best part was watching an adorable baby girl sitting in the top of her mother’s cart. She would lean over and bite down on the cart handle, then grimace in disgust at the taste. Then she’d do it again. Every time she was shocked and horrified at how bad it tasted. I sure hope the mom had wiped down that handle with disinfectant!

I ran an errand over lunch so that I could be here to greet my friend Robin when she arrived. It was so good to have a couple of hours to visit with a friend. I also helped her get started with a knitting project, and got a few rows in on my own project. The rows take a while as there are 480 stitches in a row, and yet another round of increases to come!

It has been a very quiet evening. Lina went to work with Walter. Lucy has been gone all day and for all I know may never return. Spencer was busy getting ready to play his guitar at an event on campus. Jasper got invited to a sleepover/Lord of the Rings marathon. Once Lina and Walter returned, Walter was busy getting the car ready for his trip tomorrow and trying to get packed, so Lina and I watched a video and did some more knitting.

The only excitement of the day was the arrival of Lucy’s emergency room bill—and it wasn’t the good kind of excitement.



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