Groundhog Day & FOs

Sorry about my silence last night—I’m trying to be better about getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

I have been realizing that an FO post is long overdue. (Note: UFO = Unfinished Object, FO = Finished Object). I was a knitting fiend in the months leading up to Christmas, but I couldn’t show you the things as I finished them because, you know, they were secret. So here are at least some of things I made:


Hats. So. Many. Hats. These three are for two of my nieces and the man one of them is about to marry.


I made this very warm scarf for my brother Matt who lives in Indiana.


There is an adorable baby in Zambia who happens to be Janet’s niece, so since Janet went home for Christmas I made this dress for her to take to baby Jasmine.


Since Mercy is moving to Russia this year, she will need much warmer clothing. I made her this very warm hat, scarf and muff to help keep her warm in St. Petersburg.


In January I have made 3 dishcloths.


I also made a rainbow hat for Lucy.


And I finished Lina’s scarf, which was a Christmas present.

Want to know what I am knitting now? Something for myself! A lightweight capelet made from the beautiful alpaca yarn Lucy brought from Bolivia.

I hear the groundhog saw his shadow. He’s a lying liarpants. We all know we’re not really getting six more weeks of winter here. So far we’ve only had three days!

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